To be able to verify a document we need to be satisfied it is a genuine legal document confirming the information it contains.
This can is usually done by:

- seeing the hard copy original of a document we are familiar with.

- Receiving an electronic copy of the document direct from the issuing authority or entitiy.

-Us contacting the the issuing authority or entitiy if it is not a document we are familiar with or recognise.
Once we have satisfied ourself as to the legality of the document(s) the Notary completes a certificate on or attached to the document confirming that it is a valid true copy of the original. That certificate is completed by the Notary adding their signature, a stamp identifying them and embossing their seal of office.
As a requirement of the Notarial Act we have to keep a copy of the document and certificate. These are stored by us electronically.

Email your contact details, copy of the document(s)
And what Country the document(s) is/are going to.

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