The Notary Act/Certificate can be completed as an E-Notary document.
The E-Notarised digitally signed document is an electronic version of a traditional notarised document. This uses a secure digital certificate based on PDF technology and is best viewed in Adobe Reader 8.0+, Kofax Power PDF, or equivalent. Note that preview programmes such as Apple Preview, Kofax PaperPort, and similar are not PDF readers so will not display the certificate.
The E-Notarised document has the same legal standing and effect as a paper notarised document. All countries who have established laws regarding the signing of documents in electronic format accept these documents. These include New Zealand, Australia (all states), the United States (most states), Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and many others.
You can submit the E-Notarised document by email instead of a paper document by post or courier as they are equally valid.
The digitally certified document contains security features that paper documents do not. Any alteration, addition or deletion from the document will destroy/remove the digital certificate.
The copies of the completed document can be forwarded by email to as many recipients as may require it.
Instructions on how to validate the digital certificate can be found on the Certifying Authority webpage https://www.securedsigning.com/products/signature-verification-service. Under the "Verify Document" tab select the “Free - Secured Signing Documents” Option.
The writer’s qualification as a Notary Public in and for New Zealand can be verified by checking the New Zealand Society of Notaries register.

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